Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taser Party (Fox News - Charlotte, NC) - Heidi Hazrati NC SRM

Taser Party


Morgan Fogarty

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Tasers are powerful and loud. Firing one gives you an empowering feeling. Stopping an attacker is an indescribable feeling.

At a home in South Charlotte, a small group of women learned the ins and outs of personal Tasers from the wife of a former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer, Heidi Hazrati. She sells the self defense weapons for a company called Shieldher, Inc. and hosts Taser parties. "If someone buys a Taser, that's great, but if they walk out of here and can keep themselves safe, that's even better,” says Hazrati.

Hazrati doesn't allow drinking at the parties until after the Taser demonstration and the only target is a metal board. She says over the past year and half, interest in the Tasers has been steady. "I have seen more people feel threatened when crime is worse because unemployment rises,” she says.

South Charlotte resident Anne Steppe says she plans on buying one of the devices despite the $350 price tag. Steppe says, "Definitely can't put a cost if I were to leave my husband raising our son by himself and my son without a mom."

A Taser sends 50,000 volts through an attacker's body. To put that in perspective, an emergency defibrillator is 800 times stronger. Hazrati's tried the Taser before, and says “It was the worst pain of my entire life." Even still, she doesn't worry about the effect it might have on an attacker. "It's my safety, if you're doing something that's not right, sorry if something happens as a result of it,” says Hazrati.

Even if you miss your target with the cartridge, the Taser still has an electric current running through it and acts like a stun gun. Steppe says, "I don't think women should be afraid to use things like this and have them. I think you should be afraid not to have one for what could happen to you if you don't have one."

Many women carry Tasers in their purses. Experts say 80% of attacks can be prevented just by showing the device and telling the attacker you will use it.

Tasers are legal in North and South Carolina, but six states and D.C. don't allow them. You don't have to get any special training or certification for a Taser, but you do have to pass a background check.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Women get handle on Tasers

Women get handle on Tasers

Hostess puts on parties to teach people basic self defense and how to use certain weapons.
Updated: Friday, April 2, 2010 8:56 PM PDT

When Dana Shafman drives her car, she likes to play the game “Who’s the Victim” with herself.

Shafman likes to see who is most likely to become a victim of assault, and she has no problem spotting them — the jogger wearing earphones, the woman walking alone and chatting on her cell phone.

“It’s a fun game, and what it does, it gets you more aware of your behavior,” she said. “The more you do it, the more you are going to be aware of your own behavior and how it’s going to impact you.”

Helping people avoid becoming victims is Shafman’s business. In a house on Huntington Beach Harbour, she held her first Taser Party in Orange County on Saturday.

A group of women and a few men gathered around a collection of different-colored Tasers, pepper spray, knives and flashlights as Shafman taught them basic self defense and how to use a Taser.

“This is for you guys. I pretty much know all this,” she said to the party. “My goal is to leave you guys with more information than you came with.”

Shafman started Shieldher, which puts on Taser Parties in addition to providing personal safety information, in 2007 after her own personal safety was compromised with not one, but two stalkers in one year.

Now, the Arizona native goes everywhere with what she considers her everyday essentials — a Taser, flashlight and whistle.

“It’s not necessarily the device that will save your life; it’s the fact that you are prepared that will save your life,” she said.

Cindy Ho, the hostess and Shieldher’s regional manager for Orange County and Los Angeles, said the thought of a Taser originally made her nervous.

Now, she carries one with her everywhere.

“It’s nice to have because once you have one, it’s peace of mind,” Ho said.

Berkeley resident Aya Seto, 23, a guest at the party, said she was glad she came to learn more about how to protect herself.

Seto came to the party after having a bad experience of her own. Walking home one night after midnight, she was accosted by a strange man who tried to pull her with him.

She managed to get away, but many women don’t.

More than 40,000 people are victims of rape every year and the majority are women, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. One in six women in the United States will be raped or have a close encounter, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

Although not ready for any kind of weapon, Seto said she feels more confident with the self-defense maneuvers she learned.

“I don’t think I’ll directly buy into [carrying a Taser] now . . . but I feel safer knowing about all this,” she said.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


For Immediate Release
February 4, 2010

Shieldher Press Room
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FREE “Just Yell Fire” Training Offered on Valentine’s Day at Lion’s Den in Exchange for Charitable Diapers

Scottsdale, AZ – Dana Shafman, TASER Party creator and owner of Shieldher Inc, reinvents women's self defense by launching Shieldher self defense training classes in 2010.  Shieldher, with the help of Lion’s Den in Scottsdale, will launch the first self defense class this month named “Just Yell Fire” at Lion’s Den’s premiere mixed martial arts facility.  Shafman will teach “Just Yell Fire”, which has helped keep more than 1 million girls safe in 44 countries since 2006.

In addition to self defense training classes, Shafman revamped the Shieldher WebStore to include a plethora of new products and services like SPIbelts and Background Checks for dating women.  "My main objective has always been to pacify the daily fears we face as women", Shafman explains.  "Although the TASER Party was a great way to launch the business, I am relentlessly looking for new products and services to protect women from becoming victims.  Being that 1 in 6 women and 1 in 4 college girls will be victims of sexual assault, it is the right time to launch self defense training for all females regardless of age!"  Shafman undoubtedly has a passion to protect women.

Dana Shafman refuses to stop there as she has already added 20 Shieldher Regional Managers nationwide from California to Mississippi to Pennsylvania and is seeking an additional 80 plus representatives by year’s end.  Shafman is developing firearms training classes specifically geared towards women and children; and she is also putting the finishing touches on her first entrepreneurial memoir detailing her TASER Party journey titled “Stunned By Success”. 

This Saturday, February 6th, Lion’s Den and Shieldher will team up to educate the women and children of The Thunderbirds Family Village of Homeward Bound on personal safety and self defense techniques to further empower them to flourish.  Shafman has made a commitment this year to get more involved in charity and has already donated to Susan G. Komen and American Heart Association as part of her Shieldher Against…Charity Campaign. 

In support of Homeward Bound’s Diaper Drive, a FREE “Just Yell Fire” training class will be offered from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, in exchange for a diaper donation at Lion’s Den located at 2954 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.  Shieldher will offer “Just Yell Fire” self defense training every week at Lion’s Den’s premiere mixed martial arts facility and classes can be located and purchased in person or online at

About Shieldher
Shieldher Inc was started in February 2007 by Dana Shafman with a mission to pacify the daily fears women face and to increase the overall quality of women’s lives. To get her message out to women, she invented Tupperware-style TASER Parties across the US to educate women about the benefits of personal protection with a TASER C2. Shieldher has expanded and now has a "stunning" product and service suite with an even broader focus to protect all life, not just the lives of women.  To learn more about Shieldher, please visit or contact Shieldher at (602) 881-0802.

About Lion’s Den
Lion’s Den Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training center is the only training facility of its kind in Arizona and is one of the Premier MMA training facilities in the Nation.  Some of the amenities include Competition Boxing Ring, Cage for Mixed Martial Arts Training, 4000 square feet of striking space and a large Jiu Jitsu and Grappling area.  Lion’s Den is proud to offer the best in kids training with their nationally recognized Lion’s Cubs youth programs.  Lion’s Den is located at 2954 North Hayden Road in Scottsdale, AZ; for more information call (480) 941-LION or visit

About Just Yell Fire
There is a community out there, girls 11 to 19, who according to the YWCA face a 1 in 4 risk of sexual assault and could be one of the 114,000 attempted non-family abductions each year in the US.   Just Yell Fire, a non-profit based in Portland, Oregon with offices in Vancouver, Washington, has taken on this problem and has the sole mission of keeping teenage girls safe from assault, abduction, and even death.   They are teaching girls they have the right to fight back and giving them the skills to put a stop to date rape as well as to put predators out of business.  

About Homeward Bound
Founded in 1990 by a grassroots committee of community activists, Homeward Bound is a transitional housing program for homeless and domestic violence families with children in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.  Homeward Bound is recognized as the largest provider of transitional housing in Arizona.  Their mission is to assist families achieve economic independence, secure long-term, safe, decent, affordable housing and break multi-generational cycles of homelessness and domestic violence.

The statements made herein are independent statements of Shieldher Inc.  The inclusion of any third parties does not represent an endorsement of any Shieldher products or services by any such third parties.