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October 11, 2011

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Shieldher launches LIVE self defense training and LIVE self defense “TASER parties” via the Web

Scottsdale, AZ – Dana Shafman, TASER Party creator and owner of Shieldher Inc, re-launches the globally recognized TASER Party via LIVE Webcast on its fourth anniversary and simultaneously rolls out LIVE self defense training online.  Shieldher, with the help of Data Doctors and House Modernization, will conduct a “Tupperware-style” TASER Party in Scottsdale in front of a LIVE audience both online and in person.  Shafman recognizes that “people are exhausted and the last thing they want to do is to get into a car and drive somewhere to learn something they may never use.  By delivering self defense training and parties online, I can reach a global audience.”  Shieldher will also be donating $25 for every PINK TASER C2 sold to breast cancer research in October 2011 and most likely throughout the remainder of 2011.

Shieldher’s strategic relationship with Data Doctors and House Modernization is an essential component to the ability to service customers worldwide.  “The only barrier to Shieldher expanding prior to now was technology…it is scary to take a bricks and mortar business and move it to the virtual market online when you have no knowledge of the marketplace,” Shafman explains.  Shieldher will finally be able to service TASER Party requests LIVE via the Web and teach self defense to those in rural areas as well as oversees where weaponry is prohibited. Johnathon House of Data Doctors Scottsdale and House Modernization says, “We support Shieldher and believe in educating the community on personal safety and self defense. We are energized about helping Dana and Shieldher with all their technological needs and look forward to doing the same for other inspirational entrepreneurs.”

Shieldher’s LIVE Webcast of the TASER Party Re-launch will be on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 3:00 PM via Go To Meeting (LINK: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/join/342505585 and Meeting ID: 342-505-585).  There are a limited number of virtual spots available for this event so please get there early to secure your spot. For additional information or questions, please contact Dana Shafman of Shieldher at dana@shieldher.com or the Shieldher office at (602) 881-0802.  No media will be granted access to the physical location for this event.

About Shieldher
Shieldher Inc was started in February 2007 by Dana Shafman with a mission to pacify the daily fears women face and to increase the overall quality of women’s lives. To get her message out to women, she invented Tupperware-style TASER Parties across the US to educate women about the benefits of personal protection with a TASER C2. Shieldher is celebrating the fourth anniversary of the TASER Party on October 15, 2011 LIVE via Webcast to launch Shieldher’s Online Parties and Self Defense Training. Shieldher has continued to expand over the last four years and now has a dynamic product collection and borderless service offerings (LIVE parties and training) with an even broader focus to protect all life, not just the lives of women.  To learn more about Shieldher, please visit www.Shieldher.com or contact Shieldher at (602) 881-0802.

About Data Doctors

Established in 1988 and recognized as a leader in the industry, Data Doctors provides computer services for individuals as well as corporate clientele. Data Doctors’ world class data recovery lab can recover lost data from hard drives, tapes, floppy disks, CD’s, DVD’s, digital camera cards and much more.  They also provide service and repair, custom computer builds, networking, application setup, and security backup.  Data Doctors will be demonstrating their LIVE event assistance at Shieldher’s TASER Party on Saturday, October 15th at 3:00 PM.  Ron Smith, Owner/Operator of Data Doctors, can be contacted at (480) 556-9400 for additional information.

About House Modernization

House Modernization, LLC specializes in Home Theater build and installation.  Johnathon House, Owner and Installation Specialist at House Modernization, possesses a magical mix of Home Theater and Computer industry “tech savvy” experience that blends beautifully to create amazing home theater results.  Whether it’s a projection screen displaying corporate portfolios or a mom watching home movies on the wall while listening to her favorite downloads, House Modernization delivers savvy solutions to visionary clients; they take home music and theater creations to the next level.  House Modernization also offers a full suite of personal and business computing and networking solutions. Johnathon House of House Modernization can be contacted at (480) 544-2282 for additional information.

The statements made herein are independent statements of Shieldher Inc.  The inclusion of any third parties does not represent an endorsement of any Shieldher products or services by any such third parties.

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